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Identify and classify sensitive data across your environment

iDPS identifies data stored in multiple types of devices, platforms, file formats, and cloud environments and classifies data into repositories backed by in-built AI algorithms.

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AI-powered Data Classification

Know the data stored in your environment. How many files contain information that is mission-critical, private, or regulated? Where is the sensitive information lying in your environment? Equipped with this knowledge, you can identify the potential areas of risk to your sensitive data, and limit its exposure by deploying adequate access controls and policies.

Identify wide range of data

Our iDPS engine can look into almost the entire universe of your data. Identify sensitive data (PII, PHI, PCI and Business Confidential Data) stored in laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets (Windows, Android, or iOS platforms) in multiple file formats like MS Word, Excel, CSV, PDF; as images like JPEG and TIFF; and even in compressed file formats like RAR and ZIP.

Continuous process improvement

Backed by Artificial Intelligence, the data scan engine is continuously updated with new algorithms and patterns. A typical use case of this is when data is shared between two or more countries. Data classification in upcoming scan cycles takes new learning into account when privacy laws are introduced or amended in a specific geography.

Easily prove compliance

Once you know where your sensitive data resides, it becomes easy to protect it, to control access permissions, and to deploy the required cyber security controls. This enables you to meet data privacy requirements mandated by most regulatory frameworks. Data visibility and reports help you to satisfy lengthy compliance audits, like GLBA, GDPR, CCPA, and NYDFS.

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