Identify. Protect. Prove compliance.

We are your virtual Data Protection and Governance Advisory partner

Accurately identify and classify sensitive data stored across your endpoints, databases, or in the cloud, with the added power of Artificial Intelligence. Our Threat Defense matrix determines security around your most valuable data so that you can deploy risk-appropriate security controls and constantly respond to various compliance mandates.

Trusted data assessment and governance advisor for your board and C Suite

Structured or unstructured. Regulated or mission-critical. On premises or in the cloud. If it’s important to you, we have you covered! Our unique Intelligent Data Protection System (iDPS) identifies data stored in multiple file formats across multiple devices, platforms, and cloud environments. In-built AI algorithms and patterns classify data into appropriate data repositories on the basis of sensitivity of identified data.
Get ahead of compliance challenges with the compliance advisory experts by your side. Our set of services at SyberGRC assist you with policy governance to comply with various laws and regulations, third-party certification for compliance such as GLBA, GDPR, NYDFS, CCPA, and others. We help you build your Threat Defense matrix based on the MITRE or the Cyber Kill Chain frameworks so that you can deploy adequate security controls around your valuable data or remediate security flaws to maintain continuous compliance with multiple legal frameworks.
What you don’t know won’t hurt you. But not when it’s about your data’s security! Keep complete track of which sensitive data in your system is at risk of a breach with the Threat Defense matrix. Adjust the security controls and policies to reduce risk around your valuable data. Calculate your organization’s cyber and operational resilience in case of an attack – making sure you are ready much before the attackers reach you!
Best in class for data screening technology (patent pending).


Policy Governance

Develop or modify polices to comply with various regulatory frameworks.

Third Party Certification

Navigate through the complexities of getting certified for various regulatory compliance, like the GLBA, GDPR, NYDFS, and CCPA.

Cyber Resilience

Review operational framework and assess impact of cyber risk on your organization’s operations

iDPS can quantify your data risk

Screen your data across all major languages, file formats and platforms.

What our clients say


It was really cumbersome to manage the sensitive data as it was spread across the organization, with iDPS tool we were able to locate our critical data and implement measures with Syber GRC team to protect it
Arma Solar
Thank you iDPS team, with your iDPS tool I was able to define a clear strategy for my data protection program and with your reporting tool I got complete visibility of critical data and who has the access to it.
AETC Engineering
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